申请贷款 & 奖学金


每年, the college and the 哈德逊山谷社区学院 基金会 are proud to offer more than 100 奖学金 based on financial need as well as merit based 奖学金. There are also external scholarship opportunities that you may be eligible for.



Educational loans provide a way for students to borrow money to help pay for college. 以下贷款项目可供选择:


我们要确保你成功! Hudson Valley has teamed up with Inceptia to provide you with FREE assistance throughout your college journey.

作为一个致力于学生成功的非营利组织, inception可能会帮助你通过验证, 就联邦学生贷款的借贷和偿还提供建议, 指导你的经济援助程序, 确保在重要的截止日期前完成工作. They might even just check in on your college plans to provide help, tools and resources.

有关Inceptia的更多信息,请访问 www.inceptia.org/student-landing/.


新学生贷款借款人注意事项: Any new borrower can become ineligible to receive additional Direct Subsidized 贷款 and could lose their subsidy on previously borrowed Direct Subsidized 贷款. This will occur when the period during which the borrower has received subsidized loans exceeds 150 percent of the published length of their educational program. 新借款人的资助限额详情(PDF)

详细信息可在 [下载财政援助链接…] 大学目录部分.

Eligibility for 联邦直接学生贷款s is determined for all students who have filed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal 学生 援助). 学生s view their eligibility and accept loan funds they wish to borrow via 《澳门赌场在线娱乐》杂志.




Federal Direct PLUS Loan (家长 Loan for Undergraduate 学生)

家长s of dependent undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this federal loan.

学生s must have a Free Application for Federal 学生 援助 (FAFSA) on file, be making satisfactory academic progress and be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) degree-applicable credit hours. 这笔贷款的批准是基于父母的信用记录.

A student should have received their financial aid award email notice prior to submitting a Federal Direct PLUS Loan application.

Please refer to the Federal Direct PLUS Loan Application (available on the 财政援助表格页面)浏览更多资料及申请手续. 有关这些贷款的详细信息可以在 http://studentaid.gov/plus-app/parent/landing


An alternative loan is a personal loan from a bank that is used for educational expenses. Most alternative loans are deferrable until you graduate; however some may require you to pay interest while you are attending school.

Alternative loans exist as an additional means to pay for your college education. These loans are often used as a supplement to a student’s existing financial aid package. Some alternative loans can be used to pay for prior balances up to one year old. 学生s who fall into unsatisfactory academic progress may also apply for certain alternative loans to help finance their education until they get back into good academic progress and receive federal financial aid again.


It’s to your advantage to become well-informed before you take on the responsibilities that come with an educational loan. 你应该首先申请所有其他形式的经济援助, 包括赠款, 奖学金, 雇主学费支付, 直接斯塔福德贷款, 等. 在申请替代贷款之前.


借钱之前先教育自己. 在申请替代贷款之前, have a clear understanding of what type of loan you have AND its characteristics, 例如:

  • 利率是多少? 大多数贷款都有浮动利率. 估计你的总负债.
  • 会收取什么费用? Most (not all) loans have origination fees that are deducted from the principal amount you borrow. In some cases, the origination fee may be added to the principal amount you borrow.
  • 我在学校期间需要付款吗? 还款可能因贷款类型而异.
  • 谁有资格? Each program may have its own criteria for determining loan eligibility. Creditworthiness and a credit worthy cosigner are most often at the top of the list. The number of credits you are taking for the loan period is also considered.
  • 我可以借多少钱? Each lender has different minimum and maximum lending amounts for each loan period and a cumulative borrowing limit.
  • 寄售人的责任是什么? If the principal borrower does not repay the loan, the cosigner is responsible for full payment.


还款似乎还有很长的路要走, but carefully choosing your alternative loan NOW can mean a less expensive and more manageable loan later. Some lenders have loans that enter repayment immediately after full disbursement. Some lenders offer programs that let you pay electronically and offer rewards, 比如降低利率, 给那些一直按时付款的人. Understanding your options will help you decide how much you can borrow.


请记住,这些是贷款,不是赠款. When you enter repayment, you will be required make monthly payments. Make sure you do not put yourself in a situation you cannot handle.


According to the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) and the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), all private education lenders must obtain a completed and signed 自我证明表格(PDF) 申请人在办理私人教育贷款前提供的资料.

学生s can find the Cost of Attendance information needed to complete Section 2-A in the [下载财政援助链接…] 大学目录部分.

The 马斯特兰奇洛金融援助中心 will assist students with completion of the form prior to the student submitting it to their lender. 表单完成后, students should discuss the status of private education loan applications with their lender directly.

  • FASTChoice
    寻找私人贷款机构很容易. FASTChoice provides you with information in an easy-to-understand format to help you determine which private student loan best meets your needs.



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